E Forge Product info

E Forge 

ultra light, forged wheels –---- built to order

Our forged wheels are fused with performance, functionality and distinctive designs to provide serious automotive enthusiasts with the quality in products and customer service.

●1pcs forged wheel (Light weight)

●Custom range: PCD 5x112/114.3/120

●Custom range: ET 20/ 25 /30 /35 /40 /45 /50

●material: T6061 forged alloy

●Standard: VIA、JWL。 
●Loading : 18"650kg; 19''690kg; 20"690kg
●Surface finish :electro-coating

full matte black  and full matte silver  (diamond cut is not available for order)
●X factor : designed for OE brake caliper use
●Build to order
●Location: Taiwan
●warranty: 1year for structure and surface finish 

If you have any question, please feel free to ask us anytime via E-Mail: ebiz@ecoaux.com

We would like to get your requirement list for following information as well:

model, size, et, pcd, center bore, bolt nut, surface finish, quantity, car type with year


Product site (Mobile users, please click following links.)

E75S1        http://ef-tw.com/products-94.html

E75S2        http://ef-tw.com/products-90.html

E75S3        http://ef-tw.com/products-91.html

E75S5        http://ef-tw.com/products-92.html

E75S5-S    http://ef-tw.com/products-93.html

E75S6        http://ef-tw.com/products-95.html

E7MS1       http://ef-tw.com/products-96.html

E77S1        http://ef-tw.com/products-97.html